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Tantra facilitator
Intimacy teacher
Transpersonal counselor

It is a joy to meet You

The essence of my work is teaching and facilitating Love, Joy, Pleasure

To facilitate your process of integrating your Body, Mind, and Spirit into the wholeness,
for you to manifest fully into this world, to feel alive and free, to love and be loved 

I offer individual sessions and group workshops where I am using  breathwork, touch, sound,
tantric and shamanic process work, psychodrama, and many more, but most importantly a loving and caring presence, providing a safe and secure space for healing and transformation

I use Pelvic Heart Integration and Somatic Sexual Integration for integrating
your Spirit, Mind, Body, and Sexuality 

As an Intimacy teacher I teach to connect truly to and to feel your own needs and desires,
to acquire agency to communicate and act according to your real needs, to stand your

boundaries, and to always choose the pleasure

As a Body-oriented trauma-informed counselor I facilitate grounding, centering, boundaries,

and melting of tensions in your body to restore the natural flow of life energy,
to arrive at more freedom
When the body becomes free, the mind and soul follow 

As a Transpersonal counselor I am using meditation, breathwork, shamanic journeys,
soul retrieval, ancestors work, and other transpersonal methods,
I am ready to talk about the topics of life and death,

divine and sacred, and our place in the universe

I facilitate integration of psychedelic experience by using the same abovementioned
integration techniques, the essence being integrating your body, mind, and spirit
into the wholeness

​Being working in the field for 15 years I have learned the work I am doing from my dear
teachers in the Netherlands, Finland, France, United States, England, Ukraine, and Latvia

I'm fluent in English, Russian, Latvian

With love,


Bonus online consultation for new clients

Register here to receive free 15 minutes onboarding video call to get acquainted, answer
your questions, talk about the work I am offering and possible plan for our sessions

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